Timber Post Bed & Breakfast LLC.

Hollis, New Hampshire






This Lease made this day of (MONTH) (YEAR), by and between Timber Post Bed & Breakfast, LLC, of 162 Broad Street, Hollis, County of Hillsborough, State of New Hampshire, hereinafter (YOUR NAME) , of 162 Broad Street Hollis, NH, County of Hillsborough, State of New Hampshire, hereinafter called the "GUEST".


The term of this Lease shall commence upon agreement (MONTH) 2021- (MONTH) 2021 and shall run monthly. If/should lease is/needs to be broken for whatever reason before dates listed above, the Guest will/may be liable to the length of the contract unless mutually agreed prior. All emails are also reflecting agreement between parties based on this lease agreement.

3.     RENTAL:

     a.     The GUEST covenants and agrees to pay LESSOR, as rental, without prior notice or demand, the agreed amount $ plus 9% tax per week per room with shared bath, payable in advance throughout the term of this Lease, on or before the 1st of each calendar month during said term.  Rental payments shall be made payable and transmitted to the LESSOR’s agent.  A late payment fee of five percent (5%) of the monthly rental amount, or $50, whichever is greater, shall accrue for any payment made after the 5th of the month. Thereafter, any monthly rental installments unpaid for more than six (6) days from when due shall be subject to a $15 per day additional late payment penalty. A $500.00 security deposit is required for/and not limited to damage property, cleaning fees during or after the lease is up, stain or lost linings.


The GUEST agrees that the leased premises shall not be used or occupied as other than as residential purposes of the GUEST and their immediate family and that no business or commercial use may be made of the premises, and that the GUEST shall use the premises to conform to all applicable covenants and restrictions of record and all local, state and federal ordinances, statutes and regulations.  The GUEST shall hold the LESSOR harmless from and against all suits, damages and losses, including reasonable attorney's fees, occasioned by any violation of this paragraph or other provisions of this Lease.

     If any person not listed herein as an occupant stays on an overnight basis in the property during the term of this lease, the lease amount will increase at the rate of $50 per person per day additionally staying in the residence.


     This Lease may not be assigned, transferred or pledged by GUEST, nor may the GUEST sublet the leased premises.  


     The GUEST can do no improvements on the premises.


     No washer or Dryer to guests. Stove off limits. LIGHTS NEED TO BE SHUT        OFF-rent may increase after the third warning (Excludes two on timers).


     Any damaged property will be charged back to the guest accordingly from security deposit.


     The GUEST shall:

     a.     Not obstruct or cover the windows or doors;

     b.     Not cause or permit any locks or hooks to be placed upon any door or window without the prior written consent of LESSOR;

     c.     GUESTS, their family and their guests shall at all times maintain order in the premises and at all places on the premises and shall not make or permit any loud or improper noises, shall comply with parking space assignments and/or shall not otherwise disturb other residents;

     d.     Keep all radios, television sets, stereos, phonographs, etc. turned down to a level of sound that does not annoy or interfere with other residents; most specifically from 8:00 PM until 8:00 AM, no video games on main TV;

     e.     Deposit all trash, garbage, rubbish or refuse in the locations and containers provided therefor and shall not allow any trash, garbage, rubbish or refuse to be deposited or permitted to stand on the exterior of any building or premises or within the common elements, if any;

     f.     Abide by and be bound by any and all rules and regulations, if any, affecting the premises or the common area appurtenant thereto which may be adopted or promulgated by the LESSOR from time to time;

     g.     Not violate or allow a guest to violate any criminal law or town ordinance or regulation while on the premises leased hereunder;

     h.     GUEST shall be allowed to park no more than one (1) registered motor vehicle on the premises at any time.  Must be along back shrubs and not block designated residential parking areas. No street parking is allowed.

i.     GUEST will not be allowed to use a stove or refrigerator in the kitchen, price of room lease does not include breakfast. Kitchen must be left as found no dirty dishes, countertops, floor debris, mop/vacuum, surfaces wiped daily in all common areas (if needed). Refrigerator upon agreed terms. NO hot plates for cooking can be done in rooms.

j. Tenants must use assigned bath and not use others within B&B. Other Baths must remain spotless for other guests at all times and untouched. If you use a common area bath towel must be cleaned up and put in laundry, shower and sink surfaces wiped daily and after each use.

k. No shoes can be left by the front entrance and must be brought to room, no personal items can be left in common areas.

L. Lease does not include Keurig, coffee and tea station items, paper products (for example Toilet paper and paper towels )or any consumable items (Lavender products). They must be supplied by LESSEE.

m. Items may be stored on premise by prior pre-approval but not subject to additional costs. Items such as bikes, tools, furniture or food etc… can’t be stored in rooms.

N. Firepit can be used but must have prior approval.Wood stove off limits unless prior approval is received.

O. Barn/Residence area is off limits to LESSEE, it's a private residence not part of B&B.

P. Any keys lost, or if the LESSOR needs to open doors at any point, a $25.00 fee will be charged to the guest per occurrence.


     LESSOR and LESSOR’S agents shall have the right at all reasonable times during the term of this Agreement and any renewal thereof to enter the premises for the purpose of inspecting the premises.


     GUEST agrees:

a)     to refrain from causing excessive noise which would be deemed an annoyance to any of the neighbors;

b)     to not store any unregistered or inoperable motor vehicle on the property;

c)     to remove all their personal property at the end of the rental term and to leave the property in as good a condition (broom, vacuum and/or mop clean) as it was in at the start of the lease or shall be made during the term of the lease.

12.     PETS: The GUEST shall have no pets in or on the premises unless specifically approved in advance by LESSOR and upon payment of additional rent and pet security deposit as required by the LESSOR.

13.     ATTORNEY’S FEES:  Should it become necessary for LESSOR to employ an attorney to enforce any of the conditions or covenants hereof, including the collection of rentals or gaining possession of the premises, GUEST agrees to pay all expenses so incurred, including a reasonable attorney’s fee.

14.     GOVERNING LAW:  This Lease shall be governed, construed and interpreted by, through and under the laws of the State of New Hampshire.

15.     SEVERABILITY:  If any provision of this Lease or the application thereof shall, for any reason and to any extent, be invalid or unenforceable, neither the remainder of this Lease nor the application of the provision to other persons, entities or circumstances shall be affected thereby, but instead shall be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law.

16.     BINDING EFFECT:  The covenants, obligations and conditions herein contained shall be binding on and inure to the benefit of the heirs, legal representatives and assigns of the parties hereto.

17.     NON-WAIVER:  No indulgence, waiver, election or non-election by LESSOR under this Lease shall affect GUEST’s duties and liabilities hereunder.

18.     MODIFICATION:  The parties hereby agree that this document contains the entire agreement between the parties and this Lease shall not be modified, changed, altered or amended in any way except through a written amendment signed by all of the parties hereto.

19.     NOTICE:  Any notice required or permitted under this Lease or under state law shall be deemed sufficiently given or served if sent by United States certified mail, return receipt requested, addressed as follows:

If to LESSOR:     Timber Post Bed & Breakfast, LLC

                    c/o Vivian Girard

                    162A Broad Street

                    Hollis NH 03049

If to GUEST:     

     WITNESS our hands and seals this  __________2021.

I agree to the terms and conditions on the agreement stated above and will allow Timber Post Bed & Breakfast LLC. allow my credit card to be held but not charged unless breach in contract and my card charged only if there is anything damaged, missing or needs to be replaced during their stay.

Monthly Rental Lease Agreement


Timber Post can accommodate from 1 week up to 4 weeks at a time for room rentals if you're on business travel, vacationing, separation, visiting or closing on a new home. All weekly or monthly rentals are required to sign our contract. Long term agreements does not include breakfast.

Monthly Rentals