Timber Post Bed & Breakfast LLC.

Hollis, New Hampshire




Breakfast: Hot breakfast made


You may park just outside the garden arbor or anywhere alongside the circular diveway. However, do not block the driveway that goes down the hill between the house and the barn. ABSOLUTELY NO ON-STREET PARKING. We are considered a main highway.

To open the main door lock:

Please enter Timber Post through the side door via the garden with the arbor and brick walk. This door has an electronic lock. Type in the access code proveded in your confirmation email. If successful, you will see a green light and hear a click releasing the lock. You may now turn the handle to open the door. If you made a mistake or waited too long before opening, there will be a red light before trying again.

To set and use the alarm clock/dock in your room:

The setting buttons are on the back of the clock. Refer to the user manual in the room or click here to download a pdf.

There is a USB charging port on the back of the clock. Use it to top-off your phone or tablet.

A mini-jack input is located on the back of the clock. Use the audio cable provided in the room to connect your device to the speaker.

The clock has bluetooth functionality, but unfortunately, all of Timber Post's room clocks use the exact same bluetooth ID. This opens up the possibilty of connecting to a speaker in someone else's room. The most reliable way of connecting your device is via the audio cable. If you still wish to try bluetooth, briefly unplug the clock from the wall and plug it back in (don't worry, you will NOT have to reset the time). After you hear the tone, look for SB1010 on your device's bluetooth list.

To program the room safe user code:

Open the door. The battery cover on the back of the door has a small hole.

Stick a small item through the hole (there may be an object left inside the safe or use a pen) and press the key button inside the battery compartment. If you cannot press the button, remove the battery compartment cover for better access.

A yellow LED will go on. Enter your new code (2-8 digits) followed by the # button. The yellow LED will go off to indicate the new code has been accepted and stored.

If the new programming attempt fails, the yellow LED will flash with five beeps. You must attempt your new code again.

If you forget yor code during your stay, contact the innkeeper.

Free WiFi:

Network: TimberPostGuest

Printing, copying:

To conserve supplies, please limit printing to boarding passes and other critical items.

AirPrint printer name: Brother MFC-J425W


Guests are welcome to leave items in the white mini-fridge in the Great Room. We encourage no food in the rooms.


There are a variety of games for all ages in the TV room closet; help yourself.

Owner's quarters:

The kitchen is considered owner's quarters along with the barn next door to Timber Post. Guests are not permitted in owner's quarters. Please respect our property and privacy when exploring.


Many lights in Timber Post operate on timers and are on at night to provide safety in common areas. If lights were on when you arrived, they will likely turn off by themselves. This also includes the candles in the Pink Room fireplace.

"Retro Radio" in Great Room:

The antique radio in the Great Room has been upgraded with modern electronics. You may connect your bluetooth enabled device to hear audio on Retro Radio. To pair your device, turn on the small electronic box on top of Retro Radio. Press and hold the bluetooth button until  the bluetooth symbol lights up.  "GraceXXX" should appear on your device's bluetooth list.

In case of emergency:

If you need emergency assistance dial 911.

All of Timber Post's smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are interconnected. When one goes off, they all go off. In case of an alarm, exit the house via the front door at the bottom of the stairs, the side door at the bottom of the back stairs, or the screen porch. Fire department will be on site within minutes.

In case of a non-emergency but you really need something:

Call or text Vivian at 603-557-4534 or email timberpost@gmail.com.  Knock on the barn door 162A.